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The Ultimate Digital
Employee Experience

Carefully crafted by Five30am, powered by LumApps

An employee experience platform that enables, engages and empowers every employee, everywhere

The Challenge

Maximize employee retention

What’s the Solution

A personalized and engaging desktop and mobile environment to access key information, content, resources, and collaboration & business tools to do their best work

Business Impact

Reduce productivity loss from attrition

Reduce hiring costs


Optimize employee onboarding

LumApps Journeys to guide employees through a critical moment in their lifecycle with automated, personalized messages, content, and recommendations

Foster engagement

Reduce onboarding time and related costs

HR teams freed to focus on value-added activities

Have new hires up-and-running / empowered faster


Disseminate company’s culture and values, and make employees adhere to them

LumApps Campaigns and Communities to better engage employees via rich-media content, regardless of their location, language, and devices

Align all employees to company’s culture and values, regardless of their location, language, device, or position


Foster DEI strategy / initiatives

LumApps Campaigns and Communities to better engage employees via rich-media content, regardless of their location, language, and devices

Leverage DEI successes in communications to attract new talents

Maximize employee retention

Comply to (regional) regulations


Make employees ambassadors of the company externally

Employee Social Advocacy to share content on social networks

Assists the internal communications team in spreading a specific message externally and promoting the brand and the company.


Support managers in their roles

LumApps Journeys to guide managers through key moments in their role with automated, personalized messages, content, resources, and recommendations. Communities to share best practices and knowledge in an engaging way

Have managers empowered faster

Increase managers retention


Make employees feel valued

A tailored experience for each employee and interactions (communities, comments,...)

Engaged employees are more productive and less likely to attrit


Understand employee behavior and ensure awareness of communications

Detailed analytics and dashboard

Reduced HR time repeating communications or wondering if messages received


LumApps provides personalized communications and targeted content to drive alignment to key initiatives. The ability to measure and provide impact analysis ensures success.

The Challenge
What’s the Solution
Business Impact

Overcome information overload and be able to capture employees’ attention

Targeted messaging and timed delivery (via LumApps Campaigns).

Impactful and branded video communications via LumApps Play

Reduction of the information noise and time saved: Employees will only receive information that is useful and relevant for them


Engage employees and make them feel considered

A tailored experience for each employee and interactions (communities, comments...)

Employees will feel unique by communicating to them differently and will be more engaged in the company's life


Dealing with the lack of resources and feedback

LumApps provides all the tools for top-down, bottom-up and horizontal communication

Employees will be able to do part of the communication team's work by sharing information and providing feedback

Time saved and improved productivity


Inclusive communication despite language barriers and disabilities

Multilingual capabilities and video communications with subtitles, automated transcription of a video’s audio

Employees from subsidiaries in other countries or people with hearing impairments will feel more included and engaged


Adapt to new digital environment, tools and hybrid way of working

A platform available on Web and Mobile

A dedicated branded app

Ability to connect LumApps to communications and collaboration tools: OOTB connectors / off-the-shelf integrations with Slack, Box, Zoom… (Marketplace add-on)

Having a scalable, future-proof solution

Deskless employees will feel as valued as desk employees


Our true SaaS platform helps enable new work processes and fosters collaboration while reducing complexity. Advanced governance provides tailored roles, rights, and permissions to save your team time and resources.

The Challenge
What’s the Solution
Business Impact

Connect all employees — desk workers, on-the-go, frontliners — regardless of location, device, and platform

A scalable Web and mobile branded app, working with both Microsoft and Google, with ability for deskless employees to connect with no Google Workspace nor Microsoft 365 license

Engaging digital workplace, regardless of employees role or location, that caters current and upcoming business needs (hybrid work, M&As…) with optimized costs


Secure and simplify access to corporate resources, information, and applications

Employee authentication (Google, Microsoft, Okta, and SAML v2.0-compliant ID provider) for single point of entry to resources, tools, information, and apps

Advanced platform governance capabilities: Roles, groups, permissions…

Reduced risks and increased security

Single source of truth and no more silos

Streamlined communication and team collaboration across the organization


Increase employee adoption on digital tools (e.g.: ticketing, HCM,Microsoft Teams…)

Integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 — including Teams

Out-of-the-box connectors to business apps (ticketing, comms’ and collaboration, HCM…)

Ability to develop their own connectors with LumApps SDK

Consistent and best-in-class UX

Make the most of IT investment

Fully integrated and state-of-the-art digital workplace contributing to employee engagement and retention


Support LOBs with ad hoc tools for their communication, collaboration, enablement, and knowledge sharing initiatives

A solution designed for the business: No-code platform for decentralized content creation, CMS, and WYSIWYG editor with library of widgets, templates, etc.

Simplified video content management (LumApps Play)

No-code campaign and HR workflow automation tool (respectively LumApps Campaigns and LumApps Journeys)

Low-code platform for IT (open APIs, out-of-the box integrations, customization capabilities, SDK)

Data lake to create custom dashboards

Reduced time spent in support and customization

More agility with LOBs being autonomous in their communication, collaboration, enablement, and knowledge sharing initiatives, with no compromise on IT security


Join us and learn how to make every employee’s experience personal, productive and successful

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