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Fix your

Create a highly engaging fun and frictionless video first intranet

Are you tired of employees ignoring your company updates? You're not alone.

But what if there's a better way?

An employee experience program that enables, engages and empowers every employee, everywhere.

we can help you solve

  • Fix employee attrition

  • Optimize the onboarding process and maximize employee retention

  • Single source of truth and no more team silos

  • Create an engaging and vibrant company culture

  • Build an inclusive DEI Hub that enables everyone to be part of the conversation

and much more

Dream bigger
and try something new

Leadership and Company

Record video messages to share key announcements, strategic priorities, new initiatives, etc. This helps bring leadership’s vision to life and increases engagement.


Create opportunities for employees to share their ideas, insights, or experiences in short-form videos. This gives more voices a platform and boosts creativity.

Department Weekly
or Monthly PodCasts

Different departments or teams can host their own podcast-style video series to highlight their work, share weekly or monthly updates, share knowledge, and build community.


Feature videos that provide a glimpse into different teams, projects, initiatives or company events. This increases transparency and helps put a human face to the work.

Video Comments
and Replies

Video replies and comments on your intranet: less typing, more fun.
Plus, who doesn’t love a good cat video?

Video Ideation, Discussions
and Voting

Use video to spark new ideas or get real-time feedback on key decisions. Employees can submit video comments or vote on options via video or comment.

and much more…

What's included

A subscription programme
designed to enable the continuous growth of your
Intranet and deliver value

Some brands
we've worked with in the past

Are you ready to step up your intranet game?

Let's make Work
feel like Play

We know nobody likes unscheduled calls, but hear us out - this one might just make your day - or your money back 😎

About us

Simply put, we’re here to help, we want to start out on the right foot, showing empathy and providing help and support. We see ourselves as facilitators, looking to bring our experience, objectivity and creativity to help solve problems and find solutions collaboratively.

We are truly committed to delivering impeccable service, providing actual value.

Our purpose is to do something really great for those who care

Learn more about us | About LumApps

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