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We help large companies in their digital transformation process, with a very hands-on, extremely practical, agile, no bulls*it design sprint approach, focused on building the ultimate digital employee experience

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After years as consultants helping large companies solving fundamental business problems, we’ve taken our experience, unlearnt where necessary, and re-imagined how to go about realising the contribution we want to make.

We’ve defined our process focused on efficiency and outcome, yet are committed to staying humble and forever learning.

We want to make sure we’re not wasting our time and that as clients, you are not wasting your money. 

We are truly committed to delivering impeccable service, providing actual value.

That’s why we hand-pick our clients and projects. We only accept projects that we think we can actually provide outstanding value.  

We want our projects to put smiles on faces, yours and ours! So we want to work with fundamentally good people ?

We don’t pretend we can do anything. We don’t work on any project.

What we can do is describe what we are passionate about, that puts that smile on our faces, and work with you to understand how well we match up!

What you can expect

In order to achieve success, our process always starts with a design sprint workshop that can go from 3 to 5 days and is usually onsite – don’t worry, we’ll move our squad to wherever you are in the world.

This stage is crucial as it focuses on discovery, we’re able to raise and address problems and come up with actual solutions, whilst giving the team the opportunity to prototype, validate and come up with a proper action plan before the end of the first week of the engagement. 

The following weeks are all about execution!

This has allowed us to shorten projects that might usually be expected to take 6 months, down to just 2 or 3 weeks. Some clients have said it “has blown their minds” ?

We don’t do multiple projects. We only run a sprint at a time, ensuring that our creatives, strategists and developers don’t burn out and are exclusively focused on your project, delivering the most impeccable service they can.

Our purpose is to do something really great for those who care.

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